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We recommend that our clients purchase basic trip cancellation protection for any vacation and Global Rescue insurance for any remote destination travel.  Most often, these policies will not be used, but if it is needed, you will be glad to have had it.

We recommend two providers for these services:

  • Global Rescue for International or Remote emergency evacuation policies
  • Sportsman’s Insurance for basic trip insurance and cancellation policies


GLOBAL RESCUE – International and Remote emergency evacuation policies

When you travel, chances are pretty high that your personal medical insurance will not bring you home or get you the emergency medical care you need.  This is what Global Rescue specializes in.  We do the best we can to provide a safe experience while traveling with us.  Unfortunately, unavoidable incidents do occur.  You should be covered by this premier crisis response provider on every remote adventure trip.  If you are injured, become ill or other physically emergent situation evolves, Global Rescue will come to you, and provide the care and service required to bring you home.

Global Rescue coverage includes such items as:

  • Medical evacuations to your choice of hospital in your home country
  • Emergency field rescue services from remote areas anywhere in the world
  • Deployable paramedics and security personnel to your location
  • Non-medical evacuations for security emergencies or cases of imminent grievous bodily harm
  • 24/7 Operations Center staffed by paramedics and special operations personnel for instant medical and security advice
  • Access to real time city and country political and medical intelligence

These memberships are available in short term, single trip or annual plans protecting all travels both domestic and international.  We recommend you purchase a Global Rescue membership; it will protect yourself and your family if an emergency occurs.

Click here to enroll in Global Rescue or to learn more about the program offerings


SPORTSMAN’S TRAVEL INSURANCE –  Basic trip insurance and cancellation policies

As general rule insurance premiums for many people are viewed as a nuisance and costing too much.  If you value your vacation time as much as we do, you will consider purchasing basic trip insurance.  It is relatively in expensive, easy to sign up for and provides amazing coverage.

Basic trip insurance coverage includes such items as:

  • Sportsman’s Equipment Coverage
  • Sportsman’s Equipment Delay Coverage
  • Trip cost Trip Cancellation
  • Trip Cost Trip Interruption
  • License Cost – License Fee Refund
  • And a lot more

Click here to enroll in Sportsman’s Travel Insurance or to learn more about the program offerings

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