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This rustic remote Alaska Peninsula Fly Fishing lodge, located 600 miles southwest of Anchorage on the end of Alaska’s Aleutian Peninsula, provides comfortable riverside accommodations and world-class fly fishing. This is one of the most remote areas of the state. This river is seemingly designed for swinging flies for King Salmon and Steelhead. The Sandy River is believed by many to provide arguably the best and most consistent King and Steelhead opportunities in the world. 

Sandy River Fishing Information

At the Sandy we host 10 clients for our King Season and just 6 clients during our Steelhead Season. As we host a relatively small group of clients each week our client are able to enjoy a more personal experience.  We run a 2 to 1 client to guide ratio. Are guides are all very experienced at guiding for Anadromous fish. They are also very skilled and patient teachers of spey casting.

The Sandy River Lodge is nestled a short distance (walking distance) away from the river. The Sandy River is one of the most productive Salmon and Steelhead Rivers in Alaska. During the King Salmon season, clients can expect around a 30 minute run down to the lower reaches of the river to engage in the best King Salmon water the river has to offer.  In the Fall our Steelhead fishing requires much less travel to the best runs to swing. 

Alaska Peninsula Fishing Lodge

The fishing day at the lodge generally begins early with a nice breakfast.  A river side lunch will be brought along for the day.  All fishing at the Sandy River Lodge is done with a swung fly while wading these remote and pristine waters.  The wading in the Sandy River is generally relatively easy compared to other Salmon and Steelhead waters, however, please know there are runs and pools that can be challenging. We recommend a bringing a wading staff as they are easy to bring along and can prove helpful at times.


Guests are housed in double-occupancy rooms (or singly in adjoining rooms), each with a private bathroom (most of which include a toilet, sink, and shower).  All of the buildings are kept comfortably warm via oil-fired furnaces, and hot water is available from on-demand boilers. A large generator supplies all the electrical needs for the Lodge. Towels, linens, and soap/shampoo are provided for each guest, and (limited) on-site laundry service is available (should the need arise). The main Lodge building has a newly expanded lounge room, a TV (with DVD movies) and WiFi Internet service that works OK at best. 

Delicious and hearty meals are prepared by a professional chef, with breakfast, appetizers, and suppers (plus homemade desserts) served in the adjoining dining room. Menus include a number of gourmet offerings — many of which are prepared on the Lodge’s wood-fired grill – plus traditional dishes that are combined with fresh salads and sautéed vegetables. Lunches are made every morning and served with hot and cold beverages, snacks, and fresh-baked sweet treats on the river by the guides (to maximize your fishing time). Alcohol can be ordered (and pre-paid) in advance; this will be delivered to the Lodge for enjoyment during your stay.


Day 1: Depart home. Arrive in Anchorage and overnight at elected accommodations (independently arranged, not included).

Day 2: In the morning, board charter flight from Anchorage to the lodge (included in package). Guests will have time to get settled in and prepare their gear for the following days fishing.

Days 3-8: Six full days of guided fishing

Day 9: Depart lodge back to Anchorage. Overnight in Anchorage (independently arranged, not included) or continue home or to points beyond.

We charter flights from Anchorage to the Sandy River Lodge and back.  We primarily use Alaska Air Transit.  They are a very high-quality operator and use a Pilatus PC -12 aircraft when flying clients with us.  The flight time to the lodge is approximately 2 hours 20 minutes (excluding refueling stops if needed)


– Quality Gore-Tex waders and Jacket

– Quality Wading Boots  

– Warm Socks              

– Warm Gloves/Mittens

– Sunglasses   

– Quality Underlayers (top and bottoms)   

– Comfortable clothing for the lodge

– Insulated tops and bottoms

– 2 fly rods

– 2 disc drag reels

– Multiple heads

– Long Underwear

– Long Sleeve Shirt

– Sun Screen

– Knit Hat       

– Comfortable Shoes for around camp  

– Alaska Fishing License|King Stamp

– Mosquito Repellent 

– Personal Medications  

– Wading staff.     

– 1 to 2  dozen flies  

– Trip appropriate leaders/tippet          



9 weight Spey rod (preferred, 8 weight ok for some situations) and disc drag reel loaded with at least 200 yds of backing (Dacron or gel spun)

Matching Skagit heads and running line (monofilament or floating)

T14 10′ full sink tips (most commonly used, so bring at least 2)T11 10′ for some situations 

20# test tippet material (Maxima Ultra Green is preferred)

Weighted Articulated flies rigged with size #1/0 or #1 Octopus style stinger hooks (eg Bjorn Stinger Prawn); effective colors include chartreuse, blue/chartreuse, blue/black, purple, pink or purple/pink (all patterns tied with abundant amounts of tinsel)

Extra octopus style replacement hooks 


7 weight Spey rod (preferred, 8 or 6 weight ok for some situations) and reel loaded with at least 200 yds of backing (Dacron or gel spun)

Matching Skagit heads and running line (monofilament or floating)

10′ tips including full sink  T11, 2.5′ floating/7.5′ T11 sinking, and 5′ floating/5′ T11 sinking (RIO MOW or iMOW types preferred)

15# to 20# test tippet material (Maxima UltraGreen is preferred)

Weighted and unweighted Articulated or tube style flies rigged with size #1 or #2 Octopus style stinger hooks (eg Dirty Hoh, Hobo Spey, String Leech, River Rat Squid); bring an assortment of dark and bright colored patterns to fish under different water conditions (all black, all purple, blue/black, orange/pink, cerise/purple/green, etc)

Extra octopus style replacement hooks 

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