This remote Alaska peninsula fly fishing lodge is a special, magical place. Be it Kings or Steelhead on the Spey swung fly, the premier Alaska Fly Fishing Lodge-  Sandy River Lodge is a one of a kind playground. 

– George Cook, 3 time guest


Across the vast and uninhabited wilderness of Alaska are found waterways teeming with wild runs of anadromous and resident fish, which are eagerly sought by anglers from all over the world. Many of these systems are well known and justifiably famous for their remarkable fisheries, and with their ever-increasing popularity and fly fishing lodges contributing to crowds of people sharing the water and all vying for an opportunity to land a prized catch.

The concept of “untouched” continues to be revised, as modern transportation coupled with demand has led to the establishment of yet more operations in areas that were once considered to be too “remote”. Additionally, recent declines in highly sought-after species such as king salmon has led to restrictions or even closures of popular Alaska fisheries as well. More fishers vying for less fish: this seems to be the prevailing story, evenAlaska Fly Fishing lodge here in the Great North…

And yet…

In fly shops and Alaska fly fishing lodges frequented by the coterie of anadromous salmonid anglers, one hears rumors about a special river with miles of un-crowded, perfect swing water which is inhabited by astonishing numbers of sea-run kings and steelhead that eagerly grab flies. Such tales are met with surprise and skepticism by those who have never visited this unique system… surely, such a place can’t exist, in our modern age?

This fishing nirvana is found far from any city or town… for many years, it’s name has been kept quiet, shared only among a select number of fly fishers who travel to this Alaska Peninsula fishing lodge, a small sub-set of whom have been able to sample its prolific runs of turbo-charged anadromous salmonids, and stay at the comfortable lodge located out in the vast, uninhabited wilderness of the Alaska Peninsula, where huge brown bears, enormous flocks of migratory birds, and endless schools of fish far out number humans…

This last best amazing place is called… the Sandy River.


Compared to many parts of the state where there are many salmon fishing lodges, there are relatively few on the Alaska Peninsula. Located some 500 miles southwest of Anchorage along the banks of the Sandy River, this remote fishing lodge offers spacious and comfortable accommodations during your pursuit of Sandy River steelhead and king salmon.

Guests at the Sandy are housed in double-occupancy rooms (or singly in adjoining rooms), each with a private bathroom (most of which include a toilet, sink, and shower). All of the buildings are kept comfortably warm via oil-fired furnaces, and hot water is available from on-demand boilers. A large generator (with banks of auxiliary batteries) supplies all the electrical needs for the Lodge. Towels, linens, and soap/shampoo are provided for each guest, and (limited) on-site laundry service is available (should the need arise).

The main Lodge building has a newly expanded lounge room, a TV (with DVD movies), and excellent WiFi Internet service (via satellite, and upgraded in 2018). Delicious and hearty meals are prepared by aAlaska Steelhead Fishing professional chef, with breakfast, appetizers, and suppers (plus homemade desserts) served in the adjoining dining room. Menus include a number of gourmet offerings — many of which are prepared on the Lodge’s wood-fired grill – plus traditional dishes that are combined with fresh salads and sautéed vegetables. Lunches are made every morning and served with hot and cold beverages, snacks, and fresh-baked sweet treats on the river by the guides (to maximize your fishing time). Alcohol can be ordered (and pre-paid) in advance; this will be delivered to the Lodge for enjoyment during your stay.

The Lodge staff is fully trained in first aid/CPR, and an AED device plus 24-hour satellite phone service is available for emergencies. Because of the remoteness of the location, and potential delays in emergency air transport (due to weather and other factors), prospective guests should carefully consider his/her medical issues and/or limitations before booking a trip to the Sandy River.

All of us at the Sandy River Lodge are focused and dedicated towards maximizing the enjoyment of your trip. Combined with the unmatched angling, excellent facilities, and spectacular scenery, there are so many reasons why our guests desire to return to the Lodge season after season.

We typically begin booking our remote Alaska peninsula fly fishing lodges in Alaska shortly after our season ends. We provide our guests right of first refusal on booking for the following season. If you are interested in booking this destination, please feel free to call or email and we can have you put on our call list.  You may also fill out the following inquiry for which will help you provide more specific remote Alaska fly fishing needs such as species of interest number of guests or any other relevant details.

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