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Kings are the largest of the species we fish.  We begin Alaska Peninsula King Salmon fishing generally the first part of June through mid July. The King Salmon in these rivers are widely known for their aggressive nature and willingness to take a fly on the swing.  These fish range from 15-30 pounds with some salmon reaching nearly 40 pounds.  It is common for anglers on our area rivers to land many more fish than on other rivers. Alaska Peninsula Fly King Salmon

These are world class King fishing destinations.

The Alaska Peninsula is home to Alaska’s most healthy runs of King Salmon. The Kings typically begin to enter our area rivers in the end of May and run through July. These are very powerful fish that will test both you and your tackle. In order to help promote hight quality fishing from now into the future, we employ a strict catch and release policy.

These river characteristics help to promote a healthy population of King Salmon. As with other species of salmon, the Sapsuk River is well suited for King Salmon. The lower and middle sections of the river have nice deep cut banks and deep moderate speed pools.  The upper stretches of the Sapsuk River provide great structure for successful spawning.  The nutrient and insect rich waters provide ample food for the young king salmon to grow strong and healthy before returning to the ocean.

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