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Alaska duck hunting

Sea duck hunting on the Alaska Peninsula is an amazing experience.  Whether we are shooting from the beach that separates the Bering Sea from Herendeen Bay or from a layout boat in the protected waters of Nelson Lagoon, we are hunting the largest biomass of Pacific Eiders that can be found anywhere in Alaska!   Our unique location on this narrow spit of sand affords us extremely rare opportunities to hunt these largest of all Northern Hemisphere ducks over land as they fly from one mussel bed to another. The Common Pacific Eider is the most prolificspecies in this area. The Long taile

Accommodations provided while on this 5 night/4 day hunt are at the comfortable Bering Inn located within the community of Nelson Lagoon. This inn has three guest rooms with private baths & two rooms with a shared bath. Meals are served at the inn’s dining hall and prepared with a local flair.

Aleutian Adventures, our staff of professional guides & our marketing partners literally cannot over emphasize safety in all aspects of our operations.  There are very few places in the world that can offer Pacific Common Eider (V-Nigra) hunts with a fair to moderate chance of successfully taking one or two fine specimen. In most locations that offer eider hunts, there is usually a great risk involved to the hunter or there just aren’t enough birds to sustain even the slightest bit of commercial pressure. The Pacific Eider hunts that we offer in Nelson Lagoon, Alaska are both safe and there are thousands of accessible birds.

We conduct these sea duck hunts for a limited time period each fall (the month of  November). The mature drakes of this huge flock of birds have fully plumed by this time; however as with all flocks of this magnitude there are several age classes in the mix. 

It is for this reason that this is truly a trophy hunt. The careful patience and the experience of our guides pays off with the highest quality specimens. Aleutian Adventures is very proud to offer this hunting experience to the people that we know to be the most discriminating of all trophy hunters. We are constantly on the lookout for new undeveloped hunting opportunities within the Aleutian region and our commitment to providing an excellence in our field is fueled by the desire to share our home with this highest caliber of sportsmen.

A hunt this special can only be offered to a limited number of people each season. Because we are only taking the most mature of these beautiful birds, we have chosen to stagger the arrival of our hunting parties throughout the week as the season progresses. This means we will have each party with an exclusive opportunity to pick their birds during the first portion of their hunt & then move on to other species, i.e.: Old Squaw, Scooter, and Ptarmigan.


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