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Silver Salmon are known to be a very acrobatic and grabby fish. We begin to fish silver salmon in mid August and continue targeting these hard fighting Alaska Salmon well into September.

The Silvers coming into the rivers in this area are among the largest in the world.  These fish range from 6 to 15 pounds with some pushing the scale to nearly 20 pounds.  Silver Salmon enjoy chasing both top water and sub surface flies.

It is common to see multiple fish chasing your fly at the same time!  When the bite is on, you will experience the action packed fishing most people only dream about.Silver Salmon Alaska

Our silver salmon season typically begins in August and runs into September, however it is not uncommon for the silvers to continue to run into our area waters as late as November.

The Sapsuk River is one of the best rivers in Alaska if not the world to catch silver salmon in Alaska.  Thousands upon thousands of silvers enter our area rivers each year. There are many reasons why the Sapsuk River is such a great Silver Salmonriver.  One of the main reasons is that the river has the proper characteristics which allows the fish to thrive.  The Sapsuk River has many long slow runs, deep slow pools, and countless side channels and sloughs which the fish tend to spend time in.

The silvers in these area waters are most effectively caught by fly.  Many fish can be landed by using top water patterns early in the day in side channels or slow moving pools. During the rest of your day fishing is most effective using a floating or sink time line with a flashy pink, weighted fly.

To learn more about our silver salmon fishing program visit our Aleutian Adventures website: ARA Remote Camp.


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