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Chinook Salmon (June – July)

Kings are the largest of the species we fish.  The King Salmon in these rivers are widely known for their aggressive nature and willingness to take a fly on the swing.  These fish range from 20-40 pounds.  It is common for anglers on our area rivers to land many more fish than on other rivers.  This is a world class King fishing destination.

Alaska King Salmon

Silver Salmon (August – September)

Silver Salmon are known to be a very acrobatic and grabby fish. The Silvers coming into the rivers in this area are among the largest in the world.  These fish range from 6 to 15 pounds with some pushing the scale to nearly 20 pounds.  Silver Salmon enjoy chasing both top water and sub surface flies.   It is common to see multiple fish chasing your fly at the same time!  When the bite is on, you will experience the action packed fishing most people only dream about.

Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

Steelhead (September – October)

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