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The King Salmon runs in this part of Alaska are very strong, consistent and fairly predictable compared to many other regions.  These sea run giants begin entering our area rivers in June and continue coming through July.

King Salmon are the are one of the best freshwater battling fish there are.  These are truly a big game fish.  While many anglers want to come fish Kings, not all anglers have what it takes.  This sea run giant will with out any doubt challenge you in more ways than most can imagine.  This type of fishing can be serious business.  Many people compare going out in the more to one part fishing, one part going hunting and one part going to battle.

Spey casting is a popular method for presenting flies to  Kings in most rivers.  The majority of anglers who come fish with us use these two handed rods for a variety of reason.  Most anglers will agree that spey casting is fun, easier to cast big flies and much easier to play and land these big fish.  A 9-10 wt spey rod anywhere from 12.5 to 15 ft in length are very commonly used here.

If you prefer fishing a single handed rod and many do; you will want to come prepared with a high quality 10-12 wt rod.

In each case, your fly reel and line must be in great condition and high quality.  These two elements are what are connecting you with these great sea run giants.  A disc drag is recommended by many and at least 200 yards of 30 pound backing is a must.


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