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Remote Alaska Fly Fishing Trips

We operate remote Alaska fly fishing camps on the Sapsuk (some call it the Hoodoo) and Steelhead rivers.   During these fully guided trips we target kings, silvers, sockeye, rainbow trout and steelhead.  We also offer some of the best giant halibut fishing in the state.  These trips take place in one of the last untouched Halibut fisheries left in Alaska, False Pass. Our wide array of locations and water types offer endless fishing opportunities.  This is the gateway to all Bristol Bay sport fishing locations.

“I have been all over Alaska, but have never felt as close to ‘the edge’ as I did at Aleutian Adventure’s Hoodoo River salmon camp. I was there for kings and  the fishing was very good.  Lots of bright fish and lots of grabs too.  Located on good looking water and a great camp with terrific food and logistics. Put this one on your bucket list.”       Brian Okeefe

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Fly Fishing Camps on the Sapsuk and Steelhead Rivers

The king, sockeye and silver salmon fishing opportunities available only to our guests are second to none in diversity and will leave you with sore arms and a renewed taste for adventure.  We begin these salmon fishing adventures where the Bering Sea meets the most productive fishing waters in the region, the Sapsuk (aka Hoodoo) and Steelhead rivers.  These area waters have some of the largest salmon runs on the Aleutian Island chain.  Unlike many salmon rivers in other parts of the state, these are a bit smaller and more easily fished; but big enough to travel via jet boat to all the best fishing spots.  Because these rivers are fairly small and easy to wade, both fly fishing and conventional techniques are very effective.

Fishing the Aleutian Islands for steelhead is a trip all serious anglers should take.  Breath taking views, zero crowds and 100% wild steelhead. These waters are perfect for all types of anglers; sink tips, dry line or conventional gear.  Compared too many steelhead rivers these rivers are relatively small and easily waded; but still large enough to run our boats to where we need to be at any given time. Pound for pound, the Bering Sea steelhead is among the toughest you will find anywhere.  Come join us in one of the final, untouched sport fishing destinations in the world. 


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